Yengo NP October 2012


150deg53’15”E  32deg57’28”S

Trip leader: Aaron Gibson

Members: Aaron, Mark & Sharon, Bob & Trish, Andrew & Kylie & Darryl

Visitors: Frank & Heather, Max & Irene, Chris & Peter

We meet up at the truck Wilberforce for a 8:30am departure, Andrew was running late, so we headed off to meet up with him at the Grey Gums Cafe where we refreshed with a great cup of coffee, they had stalls setup selling T shirts, cakes, and beef jerky Aaron & myself got some which I was going to share at camp that night but sorry to say, it didn’t make it that far once I had a taste that was it I couldn’t stop.

We then proceeded along the Putty Rd until we reached gate at the start of Howes Trail, which is about 8 K`s past the old half way house, we followed that Trail for 22 K`s, then turned right into the access gate for Big Yango, we followed that for 5 K`s to the homestead, turned right then proceeded to the Blue Gums camping area, which is a large flat area with a composting toilet which has wheel chair access, there is another area on the other side of the toilet which also has a fire ring and shady trees.

In the afternoon some of us went for a walk to Tobacco cave it was about a 800m walk easy going with a small incline at the end to get into the cave, getting back from that we drove to have a look at Big Yango lookout 5.7 K`s from camp but when we got there it was a 2 K return walk which we didn’t do as we had young Roger in a wheel chair.

On our way back to camp, we took a diversion down Yokey Trail then turned right into Rascally Trail, that`s when some cars turned back as it was fairly over grown, But I went down first, Trish and I had Mark & Sharon in the car with us, when we come to a very awkward creek crossing, we done some track repairs, I got through, Andrew got stuck and needed to be recovered, but once past the creek the track opened up so we headed back to camp to light the fire and cook some dinner.

Once that was out of the way, the social drinking, storytelling & joke started, there was one that stuck in my head from our visitor Chris.

A blonde woman rang the fire brigade, saying that her house was on fire and she needed help, with that the fire fighter said stay calm and asked how do we get there? She replies in your freaking big red truck. HA HA

Well it was funny with a few homemade black sambucca`s under our belt.

After more laughing sitting around the fire, we all eventually went to bed, only to be woken up by wild dogs howling, it was close by but we didn’t see any thing, we had breakfast packed up and on the road by 11:30, we went for a drive to the other camp area within Big Yango called Mountain Arm a very nice area with fire rings and composting toilet, so off i went to have a number one, but once I opened the lid I nearly had a number 2 as there was a family of rats down inside the pit on top of the waste, one rat was bigger than my cat, scared the beejeezus out of me.

After my heart got back to normal we travelled back to the grey gums for coffee and lunch, then off to home a great weekend was had by all, thanks to everyone.


Bob Woolley


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