Wheeney Creek - July 2016

Wheeney Creek - July 2016

Wheeney Creek

Gee Arms Trail Day trip

24th July 2016


Unusually, for most of us, the meeting point for our trip
as only a 5 minutes driver from home at BP Kurmond. Lance decided to make sure
e was on time for our 9am departure by arriving at 7:30. The rest of us had
ll made it by 9am, ordered our coffees and we were on our way. It's only a
hort run out to Wollemi from here and found ourselves heading over the
auseway at Wheeny Creek after only 10 minutes. The crossing is considerably
eeper (and more fun) than in the past with National Parks having placed
oulders on the low side of the causeway. 
e continued up and away from the crossing towards Colo until reaching
he turn off to Gee Arms at the power lines. 

After heading East for a couple of KM's we reached the top
f the first of the days challenges and paused to air down and assess the
ossible lines. It was agreed that the most likely was one of the centre tracks
ith a dog leg after the first massive rock step. After a little track building
e all made our way down with only a few minor scrapes and the occasional
runch of a tow pack on rocks. 

As we continued along most of the steps were reasonably
asily overcome with track building and careful wheel placement. A few battle
cars were sustained with Ian crunching a guard on his tray after dislodging a
arge rock and rolling back into it, The Driscoll 6 scraping their plastic side
teps repeatedly (Bring on the rock sliders) and the Driscoll 4 popping some
lastic trims off the Disco (thanks for returning it Lance). The winner for the
ay was without doubt our illustrious club resident Michael Clarke. While
egotiating one of the easier steps we tackled today Michael got the Patrol too
ar to the right and had the rear driver's side drop off the rock. In doing so
he whole car slid sideways and tipped into a tree smashing the rear cargo area
indow and putting a sizable dent in the rear quarter panel L After the application
f about a 100m of Gaffa tape we were underway again. Well played Michael for
eeping your cool as I'm pretty sure that a few of us would not have handled
uite it so well. 

In a moment Lance won't forget any time soon he found
imself tackling one of the bigger rock steps and losing traction. In doing so
he rear of his cruiser slid sideways and dropped off the rock face and came
ithin a whisker of the car going on its side. Several of us quickly jumped
nto action and got on the side to weigh the car down as he carefully backed
imself out of trouble. It was determined that another line was needed and
fter some more track building we all made it up through one of the middle
ines without further incident. 

The end of the road was not too much further up the track at
section that really was comp truck territory. After much assessment it was
ecided that the only way up was to drive half way and winch the remainder. In
he end we all decided it was a "no go". While we were assessing the climb
nother two cars joined us and after having a look decided they would have a
rack. To his credit the young fellow in the Patrol drive a near perfect line and
ade it up and made it look easy. Not to be outdone was his mate in a V8 Disco
ho started the climb up. After initially questioning our decision not to go
he Disco quickly vindicated our decision as over the course of the next thirty
inutes he proceeded to crash and crunch pretty much every low hanging panel
nd mechanical component of his car. While not the most expensive truck you
ill ever see on the tracks if he is to lodge an insurance claim after today it
ould most likely be a written off.

With nowhere to go from here we turned around and started to
ake our way back passing several other vehicles on the way out. On arrival at
he first set of steps we split 50/50 on how to come back up. Some elected to
ake the same track as we took in while the remainder took another line
lightly to the left which probably proved a little easier. Once up we
ontinued back to the junction with the main track were we stopped for a latish
unch. The Driscoll 6 and Ian called it a day from here and headed home. The
est of us continued to explore and only found one short little section which
he Driscoll 4 punted the Disco up and around. After a brief toilet stop at
heeny Creek Crossing we all said our good byes and headed for home. 

Well done to Mick Graham who was the only one who appeared
o get through the day incident free.

Thanks to everyone for a great day out!!    


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