Upper Colo Reserve - MAR 2011

Upper Colo Reserve - MAR 2011

Kids Camping Weekend


Attendees: Driscoll, Van Der Wel, Gibson, Evans and Ellicott families

Visitors: Gartland and Watt families

Dogs : Austin and Max


We had a great turn out for the Kids Camping Weekend at Upper Colo Reserve with nearly 30 of us there for the Saturday night.  Andrew had gone up Thursday to get things set up and for an extra day camping. The Gibson’s, Van Der Wels and the rest of the Driscolls arrived Friday afternoon and with the temperature still in the low 30’s Aaron and Andrew took Abbey , Caitlin and a couple of cold ones down for a swim in the river. The water was absolutely perfect and we finished up staying there till early evening. The rest of the night was spent sitting around chatting and reliving past adventures and planning for upcoming trips.

Saturday morning saw everyone else arrive and once set up the rest  of the day was spent indulging in various sporting endeavours and more swimming in spite of  the cooler and slightly overcast conditions. Those of us that had been here before had forgotten how good the river is for kids of all ages, super clean and mostly shallow with a nice sandy bottom you could easily spend a whole day there. As everyone cleared up after dinner we got a fire going and broke out the marshmallows for the kids to incinerate. While the adults relaxed around the fire the kids were all issued with glow sticks and headed off into the dark to see how long they would last.

Sunday morning greeted us with fabulous weather once again and the kids all got busy with a treasure hunt around the reserve. The bigger kids were more than happy to help the little ones read the clues and eventually they all solved the puzzle and collected a prize. After lunch more time was spent at the river before packing up after lunch and heading or home.

A big thanks to everyone who made it out and helped make it a great weekend.




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