Tyron River NP - Sept 2013

Tyron River NP - Sept 2013

Turon River

21st & 22nd Sept 2013

Attendees; Darryl Watt, Michael Clark & Colleen Butcher, Anton & Helen Beckett, Kim & Monica Burns.

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With a shaky start to the trip and changing leaders, Darryl and the Butcher/Clark car headed over the Bell to the meeting point at Bowenfels.  There waiting were the Beckett's, a small group but a group none the same.  Weather was hard to tell as the fog was in.


We waited a bit later than planned just in case there were more members to come but just before nine we headed off.  As Anton was the only one knowing where we were headed, he became the new leader for the trip to Turon.  


We followed another camper all the way to the dirt track, they kindly pulled over and we then found a fourth team in Kim and Monica.  This was going to be the adventures of the newbie’s and semi newbie, Darryl.


We all stopped to introduce our selves and have a stretch when everyone suddenly dashed to their cars and hit the road again like a Smokey and the Bandit convoy.  What was the rush?  Some 20 Vintage War Jeeps powering up the road towards us and we did not want to get stuck behind their dust trail.


On arriving at our secluded camp site, the fog had well and truly gone leaving us with a beautiful sunny day.  We set up camp and had lunch while the boys (Aaron and Parker) got about to investigating the wombat holes, hills and everything else going on around them.


After lunch Monica and Kim decided to take a trip to Sofala.  The other teams loaded up the cars and went for a drive to investigate the area.  Heading back along the road to the previous camp site we found a track to the river bed and made our way up and down.  We made our way through water, soft stone and rocky and sandy slopes only to eventually find our way back to our campsite with out having to use the road.  We also found not far from camp our own version of Gunshot (somewhat tamer), now know as Turon GS.  Everyone made it down, and even went back for seconds, some even managed to go both ways.


All in all a great day.  Back at camp we took to starting the fire, kind neighbours from a previous camp had left a smouldering log in there pit, Prado and chains in hand this was soon dragged to our pitt to start our raging fire It was then on to search for more wood and Darryl was off again dragging a few large logs to the camp, way to go Darryl!


Day two brought another fantastic day and after breakfast we headed off again to show Kim and Monica where we had been the previous day including another go at the Turon GS.  Just as much fun the second time around.  It was a little more churned up after, which did prove to make it a little more difficult to navigate up.


Back at camp we had lunch then started the task of packing up.  Once on the road we decided to come home a different way and headed towards Sunny Corner.  Oh the dust but a nice drive back. One last stop at Marrangaroo for a coffee and last farewell then it was off home.


All in all a fantastic weekend was had by all, young and not so old.  Thanks to all, can't wait to do it again.


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