Thirlmere Railway Museum

Thirlmere Railway Museum

Thirlmere Railway Museum                                                       

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7th February 2010

Members: Bob, Trish, Andrew, Kylie & Caitlin, Mark Sharon Kirsty, Aaron Donna Abbey & Zoe.

Visitor: Jeff Woolley & Kids

We started the day at Gloria Jeans Coffee for a morning kick start before heading off around 9am for the railway museum at Thirlmere, we headed down the Northern Rd when Bob decided to take the back way through Cobbity and onto Camden, it was a nice drive, seeing parts of the area not normally seen. Aaron dropped Donna & Zoe off at the grandparents before rejoining us.

Once past Camden, we head south via Old Razorback road, a small, narrow winding road that doesn’t see much traffic any longer, its hard to believe that this was the main route south.

We reached the Railway museum and straight away, all the big kids couldn’t wait to inside and climb over the old engines and rail cars.

Thomas was spotted, but he was covered up to keep him safe until the next “Thomas Day”, but we took a peek under the covers at his face, which excited all the kids.

The vast array of carriages and locomotives that were stored on site was impressive, old prison car complete with lock up cells, the horse carriage car still had traces of hay in it, first class cars with leather seating, sleepers with wash basins all in immaculate condition.

The steam engines where awesome. The sheer size of them dwarfed us, me dating back to 1877, all still in working order. 

The museum is going through a major renovation in March 2010 with new main buildings and updated holding yards being built, We will definitely have to go back for a look when its completed.

After a few hours looking over, climbing up, in and on the engines and carriages, we headed to the Thirlmere Lakes for lunch. 

We picked a nice, cosy place with nice water view, unpacked our picnic gear from the cars, Donna & Zoe arrived with Donnas dad, which was a nice surprise, We all had a relaxing lunch break with some nice food, finished off with a splash of white (Rain!!)

So we packed up as the rain started to fall heavier, it was agreed that we would explore the trail that led us further into the lakes area, this finished after a couple of Km’s, private property at the end.

We decided to head home, but a few thought a hot coffee in Picton would be a good way to finish the day, we stopped at the Picton square coffee shop, good coffee and friendly staff.

We all jumped back in our cars and headed back home via the Old razorback road, even a nice drive going the other way.

Everyone had a great day out despite some rain, but we are all looking forward to going back aging.



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