Old Bara property - Mudgee 2014 June Long weekend

Old Bara property - Mudgee 2014 June Long weekend

Old Bara - Mudgee   

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Attendee families were; Loveridge, Driscoll, Clark, Lamb, Graham, Higgins, Woolley, Beckett, Gartland, Bowyer, Higgins, Wadwell (V), Harris (V)


Saturday morning we set off at 6.00am to meet the members at South Bowenfels. We arrived at 7.30 for coffee and breakfast .We all headed off in a convoy at 8:30 am set for Mudgee.

We arrived at Old Bara, 20 kms east of Mudgee. Our first stop was at the homestead where we were greeted by Richard and Sally. We followed Richard through the property to our campsite where we met up with Colin and Marge who had arrived a day earlier. The site set aside for us was along side a running creek. we chose our spots and started setting up .

Once we were set up we headed into Mudgee. Our first stop was the Blue Wren vineyard where some of us bought their white port . We then headed to Peter Van Gents winery where we had some more tasting and bought their version of white port . We then went different ways. Some heading into the town of Mudgee to have coffee and get some supplies, others went onto some more vineyards .

We all met back at the campsite where the men were preparing the campfire, collecting wood from a fallen tree close by.

Following a very cold night we were greeted by another beautiful day. Most of us headed back into town to more vineyards , olive groves and the train rides for the kids. That afternoon we set off for a drive through the property up to the lookout to watch the sunset. The view was spectacular.

After another cold night we woke to a crisp icy morning ready to pack up for the trip home.

A big thank you to Richard and Sally for making their property available for us to use. We will certainly return to Old Bara again, Thank you to all members attending the trip for your company and laughs around the Camp Fire.



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