Lake Lyell Day Trip - June11

Lake Lyell Day Trip - June11

Day trip Lake Lyell

June 19th 2011          Photos here


Driscoll family, van Waas family, Evans family and Gartland family

After being stuck inside for almost a week due to a lot of rain we were all happy to go out on this beautiful day and have some fun. As usual we misjudged the distance (I mean the time) it takes to get to the servo at South Bowenfels. Even after 3 years we still don’t realise that it takes at least 75 minutes especially with all the road works still going on. But I think we weren’t the only ones to be JIT (just-in-time) or was it JTL (just-to-late)?

A few admired our orange monster truck (or Berocca) which we also let loose once in a while. After we all filled up with petrol, coffee, tea, warm sausage rolls and porridge (for the youngest one) we headed for the dirt roads. We let the air down and locked our hubs and followed Andrew to some nice routes at the back of Lake Lyell. It was evident that there had been some rain over the past few days and soon the cars weren’t shiny anymore, but doing what they do best: getting dirty in all places.

We passed a roo who was dozing in the sun just a few meters away and had some lovely views over the mountains. We crossed the Cox river a couple of times and Andrew made some nice action movies from us splashing through the river (getting clean again). We also found the spot where Andrew had done his driver training in the dark of night. It looked pretty interesting by daylight, so let alone by night-time. Craig, Edwin and Ingrid had a go up the hill and after that we found a nice spot to have lunch.

The kids enjoyed themselves with rocks and big branches. Hayden is too young to join, but I think he would love to as well! We hit the tracks again and did some more exploring. We ended up on top of Andrew’s training hill, so had to be careful not to plunge straight down! Our last challenge was a muddy and steep hill. Andrew was the first to go and needed some attempts to find the right path (the muddy one/ the dry but tricky one or something in between). We all followed in his tracks.

Edwin was to go last and didn’t make it. he was leaning over pretty heavily and we all wondered why he could manage it. When he finally got to the top it was clear, he didn’t switch on the air-lockers. Aha, that might have helped! On the way out of the forest we did our best to get our cars as dirty as possible and hit the bitumen again. According to Andrew: like driving on huge soft marshmallows! At Bowenfels we all filled our tyres again and headed home.

We said our goodbyes at Mt Victoria, cause we were the only ones going via the highway. Off course it was horror again after Lawson, one big, slow queue of cars getting out of the mountains. And it wasn’t even a “special” day. I’m still not sure if the roadwork will solve that congestion problem.

We had a great day out and thanks to Andrew for organising!


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