Howes Valley Day Trip - May 2016

Howes Valley Day Trip - May 2016

Howes Valley


28th may 2016

Grahams, driscoll 4,
clarks, becketts.

After meeting at the Grey Gums Cafe for some brekky we headed off down the putty to the Howes Valley turn off, we aired down and were off. 
Track was pretty straight forward, few gates to open and close.

20 mins in had to do some clearing of a tree off the track. 
Nothing the winch could not handle.

Morning tea at Finchley camp ground and a walk to the aboriginal carving then back in the

With most the gated side tracks locked we were limited but did manage to come across a large open area for a bit of a 4wd play including some mud attempted by the Patrol and Disco only to have some recovery money donated by both.

Late lunch at wollombi and a stroll through the village, then back in the cars heading for st

Drinks stop and play for the kids at the St Albans pub then back on the road heading home.  


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