Howes Valley Day Trip July 09

Howes Valley Day Trip July  09

The day started out under slightly overcast skies with everyone meeting at the Caltex at Wilberforce. We headed north to The half way road house for a quick stop and coffee before heading onto the Howes Valley Trail off the Putty rd. We found the going quiet easy with very little of the ruff stuff but plenty of great scenery.

We stopped at the Finchley Camping area for lunch and spent some time looking at the Aboriginal site and some other hand paintings near by. After lunch we continued along the Finchley track and spent a bit of time testing what our suspension could do and playing in the mud before turning back onto the bitumen at George Downs drive for the run down to Mogo and a stop for afternoon tea.

It was decided that a short side trip down to the old bridge on The Great North Rd would be a fun idea and saw us drive down through a huge wash out and take on some more serious 4WDing. Everyone made it in and out unscathed and had some fun to boot. With the sun setting in a hurry we headed for St Albans. We had to bypass the Settlers Arms as time had gotten away and make for the crossing at Wisemans ferry before heading for home.

Click the link to our trip photos - Howes Valley Pics


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