Fraser Island September 2013

Fraser Island September 2013


Fraser Island September 2013

Attendees: Driscoll 4, Gibson’s, Driscoll 6, Lambs, Graham’s, Lance and Courtney, Les and Elizabeth.

I thought it would be easy to put together a trip report for our Fraser adventure after all we had just spent ten days in one of the 4wd world’s most iconic destinations. To the contrary I have found myself struggling to do justice to our trip in such a limited forum. The accompanying photo’s will probably say more than a few paragraphs could possibly manage and to that end  what follows is really more of a basic recap of what we were doing each day.

For those who have not been to Fraser before I hope this report, photos and conversations with those members who went provide the inspiration to get you there for your own adventure. To those who made it this time a big thank you for being part of such a wonderful trip. For Kylie and I this was out third trip to Fraser and we have still yet to see it all so I very much doubt it will be our last.



Andrew and Kylie Driscoll

Monday 16th – Heading south from camp we visited the Pinnacles and Rainbow Gorge before moving on to the wreck of the Maheno and then spending the afternoon swimming at Eli creek. The kids had a ball and started a trend for them to swim at every opportunity for the remainder of the trip.

Tuesday17th – Heading south again this time crossing back over Eli Creek we took a nice run all the way down to turn inland at Dilli Village. After pausing for a lazy diamond python to cross the track we moved on to Lake Boomanjin tannin stained shore and then Birrabeen for lunch and a swim. After lunch we headed to Ungowa on the west side. It was blowing a gale and even taking a photo was a challenge.

Wednesday 18th – We headed north today to Waddy point and back across to the west coast to Wathumba creek. Walking the tidal flats had all the kids trying to catch one of the thousands of soldier grabs going about their business. We had lunch in the camp ground before heading back to Orchid Beach and Waddy point for a swim. We then headed south to the champagne pools where the kids had another swim.

Thursday 19th – Rest day.

Friday 20th – Sandy Cape.... Wow. All I can say is have a look at the photos this is simply the most stunning location on the Island. After we reached the Cape we took the walk up to the light house and the views back over the island and out to see are well worth the effort we didn’t make it to the little graveyard but there is always next time J

Saturday 20th – Back down south again today to check out the old logging HQ and school at Central Station. From the picnic area we took a short walk down to the crystal clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek. There is a boardwalk along the creek line that meanders through the rain forest. The plentiful photo opportunities and a relaxing feel of the rain forest make it hard to drag yourself away from this unspoilt location. We headed out through Pile Valley and onto Lake McKenzie after lunch and to our surprise the kids went for a swim. We were also rather surprised to come across Paul Morton, an Aussie Tracks member, who was on a day trip to the Fraser. From McKenzie we went down to King Fisher for fuel and ice cream before heading back to Cathedral.

Sunday 22nd – We all got up early for the drive across to King Fisher and a wonderful morning watching the whales at play in the waters off Hervey Bay. Everyone returned for lunch at King Fisher except for Andrew who had stayed on the boat to go to the mainland in search of car parts.

Monday 23rd – From camp we headed pretty much straight inland to walk up to the look out over Knife Blade sand blow the biggest sand blow on the Island. We then headed off to Lake Allom to visit its famous turtles. Our time here was unfortunately interrupted by a family of large obnoxious Queenslanders’ who decided to barge on through and go swimming complete with cans of 4XXXX which of course scared all the turtles away. They did eventually leave and out patience was rewarded when the turtles returned.

Tuesday 24th – This was originally to be a rest day but most of us decided to head back across to the west coast to check out Awinya creek. We had neglected to take the tide into consideration and on arrival found the water was near 1.5m deep at the top of the tide which would prevent us from attempting to cross. We did wade across and spent a couple of hours exploring the creek and beach. On returning to our cars we had lunch and watched on in amusement as a guy in Prado attempted to cross despite our warnings and then in a panic reversed back slamming into his makes 100 series. We headed back to camp early as sadly tomorrow we depart Fraser.


Most of our evenings have been spent wandering from one from one camper to the next with drinks and nibblies in hand. The kids have had an absolute ball and revelled in the world’s biggest sand pit. They are all indeed privileged to have experienced this place at such a wonderful age several of them not for the first time. Aside from the occasional failure of camping gear, a few mechanical and electrical gremlins our trip ran quite smoothly which is a credit to everyone’s planning . 


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