Bridle Track

Bridle Track

Bridle Track 29th and 30th May

Attendees: Andrew, Aaron, Paul and visitor Daniel 

With the weather looking like being very wet for the weekend our numbers  were down but the four of us met up for coffee at Bowenfels at 8 before heading off to Bathurst. A quick stop at Bunnings for some extra fire wood and a dash of fuel for Mr Thirsty (Andrews Disco) and we were off again.

It has been a few years since we have been up this way and we were surprised to see the road sealed almost all the way to the first of the camping areas. It was decided that Black Gate looked the best spot to camp as it had a good shelter and a water tank. We continued on the trail having a look at an old mine tunnel and a stamper before making the run all the way into Hill End.

After grabbing a coffee we ducked under a picnic shelter in the park and had lunch as the rain came down. We waited out the showers before going for a drive around town with Aaron and Paul looking for a Nissan that dated back to the gold rush. As the rain showed little intent of letting up we headed up to the museum which was unfortunately closed so we were restricted to looking at the outside exhibits.

We headed back down the trail to our intended camp site and found another tunnel to explore. Unfortunately the only nuggets we found were of the human variety. We got back to camp and had our tents and swags up just in time to miss the next shower but as we had commandeered the shelter the little rain we saw had no effect and the cloud cover made for a mild night.

As we sat enjoying our roast lamb and a few beverages it was decided that we would aim to get away early and take the drive back to Bathurst along Dixon’s Long Point Rd and so after bacon, eggs and pancakes we set off. It was pretty wet across the top so we decided to keep to the main track and save the side trips for another weekend. Obligatory photos were taken of us wadding the Macquarie River and after some slipping and sliding in the mud we stopped at Ophir for lunch.

A quick run back to Bathurst and Lithgow after lunch saw an end to a fun weekend.





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