Bendethra/Deua NP - June longweekend 2012

Bendethra/Deua NP - June longweekend 2012


LON:149 44 25 E, LAT:35 58 06 S

Trip leader: Bob & Trish

Members Attending: Andrew & Kylie +2, Mark & Susie + 4, Kevin Cook


We left home about 6:30am for the meeting spot at Pheasants Nest, met up with Mark & Susie, Andrew was running a little late as he only got back from overseas the night before but we left there at 8:30am, we headed down to Braidwood where we had morning tea at the Braidwood bakery, they have the best pies & cakes in town, this is where Kev joined the trip.

As we had a couple of trailers with us we had to travel down to Batemans Bay then Moruya, NPWS had closed the tracks from Araluen and Snowball to trailers because when they needed recovering they were damaging the tracks.

The camps site is 53K`s from Moruya, the tracks we used to get there were the Womban fire trail, Little Sugar Loaf and the Bendethra fire trail, the road within the camp area is 7k`s long with some great camp sites right beside the Deua river, there are pit toilets scattered thru out the area.

The park ranger seemed to turn a blind eye to the use of chain saws as a lot of people had them and were using them, he said by them cutting wattle trees it saved him the job, there are 3 river crossing in the camping area which are quite deep and loose bottom at the time of our visit.

On Saturday we went exploring the area, there are the Bendethra Caves, which is about an 8k, 2.5 hours return walk which is rated easy to moderate, after lunch we headed for Hanging Mountain lookout which had fantastic views of the coast from Batemans Bay to Narooma and well worth the visit.

We gathered some fire wood on our way back to camp, Trish already had the fire started we just made it a lot bigger, Mark & Susie’s kids got the badminton set out and they proceeded in kicking my butt, but we had a ball, after dinner we sat around the fire and played boy-girl I won of course ha ha, then we told jokes the kids have a great imagination in joke telling but we had to stop as it started to rain which was a worry as there are some very steep sections of tracks on the way out, but as soon as we settled into bed it stopped.

Monday morning we packed up and headed out by 10:30am as we had a long way to travel, but on the way out Kev`s rear passenger side wheel came off, all the wheel nuts came loose, the drum went flying into the bush which Mark found after some searching, the kids found all the wheel nuts while Kev and I repaired the backing plate and brake shoes and after about an hour we got it running again, it made a few funny noises but he made it home OK.

Andy & Mark went home via Goulburn, Trish & I went up the coast to Kangaroo Valley traffic was good until we hit the free way at Mittagong where it was a slow trip all the way we got home about 6:30pm

Alt route to Bendethra, Braidwood Via Snowball 86k`s, Braidwood Via Araluen 92k`s                                      

Bob Woolley



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