AGM - August 2011

AGM - August 2011



Annual General Meeting - Burralow

A few months back it was decided to hold the Annual General Meeting in the bush rather than a club. After all, we

are a four wheel drive club! The destination was Burralow Campground located just west of Kurrajong in the Blue

Mountains. Three members Aaron, Andrew and Paul decided that it was a great opportunity to go camping and

went in after work on Friday night. We were ably assisted in our camping duties by Abbey and Kaitland who made

sure the fire kept burning whilst dinners were being cooked by their Dads. It was a good night and was followed

by a minus two morning that made us all appreciate the fire. After breakfast, we set up for the AGM and greeted

members as they arrived. A community cook up was had for lunch before we settled down for the formal part of

the day. The committee was reassigned during the meeting with a few resignations of positions and new

assignments allocated. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, members made their respective ways home with the

last departures just before dark. A very successful way to hold an AGM.


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